Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zulfi Syed's modesty

I have never been a fan of reality shows but something about Bigg Boss 2 made me sit up and take notice. There is this very popular misconception doing the rounds that these shows are tailor-made for losers in the entertainment industry and I was shocked to see the popular model Zulfi Syed among this year's contestants.
Zulfi's career as a model has been quite successful but reactions to his movies have only been lukewarm. His roles in Pyaasa and Taj Mahal were well-received and I am sure that he has a lot more to offer.

As this show progresses, we also realize that Zulfi is probably the quietest among the lot. A man who keeps to himself, a man who doesn’t preen in front of those hidden cameras for the public. This week has thrown up 4 nominations for exit and Zulfi is among them. I hope that the public realizes the man's simplicity and worth and give him the long run he truly deserves!

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