Monday, December 1, 2008

Cricket anyone?

A lot has happened in the past week. The terror act of November 26 has left Mumbai wounded and in grief. Among the voices of sorrow is the solitary speech of a broken man. Lalt Modi, cricket's most powerful administrator, is now trying to defend his territory. Cricket has been affected the most by these attacks. The following are some of the disastrous consequences of these attacks on the sport:

1. The Champions Trophy had to be postponed indefinitely. There are talks of having the tournament early next year but there is no certainty due to packed schedules.
2. The final ODIs with England were cancelled but Modi convinced ECB to return for the 2 tests.
3. The Indian tour to Pakistan early next year has further cemented its place as a non-starter.
4. India faces the threat of being considered as a 'dangerous' place to tour just like Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
5. How many players would be comfortable in joining the IPL next year?

India has a lot of convincing to do and Lalit Modi is the right man for the job. While he is at it, lets hope he sanctions ICL too.

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