Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kerala Health Minister's embarassing English

If you do a survey to find the country with the most boring leaders, then India would win hands down. Our PM Manmohan Singh always has this sleepy grin on his face, while Sonia's speeches can drive even the faithful into a coma. The less said about our President, the better.

It took the likes of Raj Thackeray, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Amar Singh and Rahul Gandhi to inject some life into Indian politics and this is why the media adore them. Kerala has its share of popular leaders and Shashi Tharoor leads from the front, albeit for the wrong reasons. He presents himself as highly sophisticated and wordly(he really is) but gets himself into unpleasant situations, thanks to his 'tweets'.

I believe his mannerisms and penchant for speaking in English has rubbed on to some other Kerala leaders as well. Foremost among them is P.K. Sreemathi, who delivered a speech in English with highly embarrassing results.

Is it necessary for a politician to know English to do his job well? Does a regional leader have to give a speech in English to prove his caliber? Since our politicians rarely do anything for the common man, it will be difficult to form opinions on the matter.

The bottom line is that India's politicians should do good for the people who voted them to power. Knowing the local language and being confident and authoritative are what is mainly required.


Rajesh Rajgor said...

If he/she is locally involved and doing gr8 job in his/her mother tongue, no need to learn for some drastic change. You work for what you have been elected and do your job!

Jojy John Alphonso said...


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