Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alluring Montenegro..

Nothing much is said about the youngest country in the world. Barely two, Montenegro split from Serbia in mid-2006 taking the tally of countries in the world to 194(including Taiwan ofcourse).

Montenegro is among the most beautiful places in the world. Its only an hour from Rome or Budapest via the air route. Some of the attractions that await the inquisitive tourist include the following:

1. The Biogradska gora, the last virgin forest of Europe.
2. The peaks and National Park of the Durmitor mountain.
3. A cruise along Europe's largest lake- the Skadar Lake.
4. Did I mention the beautiful beaches?

As the country starts everything afresh, lets wish them the very best!


Mark Isaac said...

Which part of europe does monteniegro come in?

Jojy John Alphonso said...

Hi there! Montenegro is located in Southeastern Europe, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia. I hope this answers your question!

lijo said...

never heard of the palace .....anyway another placw to vist i guess

Lex said...

Wow. I officially learnt something today (yes, I've been to my 3 hour lecture at uni, and it wasn't then). I saw your post on helium and am interested in discovering what other people are posting on their blogs so took a look!
I went to Montenegro while on a school trip to france, and thought it had been there forever! It is young.
Your writing style is straight foward, easy to read and absorb, as well as being interesting. Cheers!

JudetJose said...

Good post on Montenegro. Some new knowledge.