Friday, February 22, 2008

Tribute to Heath..

Its been exactly a month since Heath passed away in mysterious cicumstances. Questions surrounding his demise have settled down and everybody has returned to their normal routine. Let me add my two words to the long list of tributes that were already lavished on him.

Let me start with his movies. Heath's fans cherish him for his roles in '10 Things I hate About You'(1999) , 'The Knights Tale'(2001), 'Two Hands'(1999), 'The Patriot'(2000), 'Monster's Ball'(2001), 'Ned Kelly'(2003), 'Lords Of Dogtown'(2005), 'The Brothers Grimm'(2005) and the critically acclaimed 'Brokeback Mountain' for which he was nominated for an Oscar in a Leading Role.

Despite some incidents with the press, Heath was a favorite with the movie going public and even though he was not praised as much as his leading contenders like Matt Damon or Christian Bale, he was a favorite whose movies fans looked forward to.

Ledger's 'Dark Knight' probably is the most higly anticipated movie in the world right now. His reprisal of Joker is something we all look forward to with the greatest interest. When we finally get to see this movie, I hope everybody realises that Heath left this world gifting us his most complex performance ever. The role that probably ultimately resulted in his demise.

Heath may not be in our midst now but he is sorely missed by his fans around and he will always be remembered. Heath leaves behind a 2 year old daughter Matilda Rose. I hope she encounters only good moving forward.


Rajeev said...

Heath.. was truly a powerful actor.. who didnt get much recognition.. for his work.. It really sad that he departed from this world when he was just 28. I'm sure he will be a lengend with his character as "the joker" in the batman's next movie edition "the dark knight"... R.I.P HEATH !!

NIVIN said...

I think Heath Ledger was a really under appreciated actor.He had both good looks and an amazing talent to back it up. But it took time for Hollywood to warm up to this wonderful actor.As the trailer of 'The Dark Knight' shows he is going to be a one of a kind incarnation of Batman's greatest nemesis 'Joker'. We'll miss you Heath!

Jojy John Alphonso said...

Nivin, I agree with you.